Best Tallyfy Alternative

Keeni transforms your processes into digital workflows.

Without the headache of manually making them digital, keeping them up to date, and wondering if a procedure was run correctly. Try now for free.

Why is Keeni a better alternative to Tallyfy?

Keeni, pronounced 'keen eye', was developed for organizations requiring electronic process management. Create checklists and procedures and run them repeatedly with ease. The architecture and modern UX design of Keeni make it effortless to modernize your workflows and capture efficiencies.

Types of WorkflowsKeeniTallyfy
Simple ChecklistsGoodGood
Complex ProcessesGoodBad

Because we’ve felt the pain of clunky business processes and are on a mission to be the ubiquitous platform for operating procedures, Keeni is free! Create a free account now.

Monthly SubscriptionFreeStarts at $50/month
billed monthly

Easily get going by uploading documents for existing processes and procedures. The documents will automatically get converted into template procedures.

Import Word and PDF docs
Import Google Docs

Keeni automates creating checklists and procedures into repeatable processes by transforming them into templates. Make your template procedures actionable by adding checkboxes, dropdowns, and other interactive elements.

Process ManagementKeeniTallyfy
FormatDocumentTallyfy Proprietary
Rich Text Editor
Version Control

Further, manage your processes by assigning roles. Keeni was architected on the principle of least privilege. You can even assign tasks to groups at no cost.

Task ManagementKeeniTallyfy
Role-based Access
Assign Tasks to specific User(s)
Assign Tasks to GroupsBasic/Pro editions

Keeni was originally developed for the aerospace industry to facilitate operations for rocket launches and space vehicles. For that reason, enterprise-level accountability and security come standard.

Role-based Access
Audit Logs
Two-factor Authentication
Single-Sign-On (SAML)

Keeni is a web platform for operation gurus, like you, to run procedures as digital workflows

If you are convinced there must be a better way to run procedures in your organization, you have come to the right place. Keeni will help you:

Run procedures collaboratively in operations with operating procedure software

Run Procedures Collaboratively

Let's face it. Static Word Docs, PDFs, and paper procedures are a drag to use. Staff often dread using them. Keeni solves this problem by making procedures interactive and engaging. Teams can run processes smoothly and collaborate in real-time.

Modernize Your Business Operations

Automate operating procedures and checklists into repeatable processes. Keeni transforms your procedures, checklist, or other documents into templates. Make the procedure templates actionable by adding checkboxes, dropdowns, and other interactive elements. Then simply run them in your operations.

Modernize business operations into repeatable processes with operating procedure software
Create procedure templates with operating procedure software for consistency and accountability

Create Consistency and Accountability

The only way to get consistent high-quality results is to create accountability. You can do this by assigning users to specific roles or specific tasks. Know who has completed what tasks in the procedure. Capture the knowledge of your organization’s processes and make it easier to onboard new team members.

Give Keeni a Try for Free

If you are tired of old processes, it's time to try something new! Easily get started by uploading any existing processes.

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