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Keeni, award-winning SOP software, transforms your operating procedures into digital workflows.

Without the headache of manually making them digital, keeping them up to date, and wondering if a procedure was run correctly.

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Keeni is SOP software for aerospace and beyond.

We have felt the pain too of clunky standard operating procedures (SOPs) and their impact on the results. Keeni helps you:

Run SOPs collaboratively in operations with SOP software

Run SOPs Collaboratively

Let's face it. Static documents like Word docs, PDFs files, and paper SOPs are a drag to use. Staff often dread using them. Keeni solves this problem by making procedures interactive and engaging. Keeni empowers teams to run procedures smoothly in operations and collaborate in real-time.

Modernize Your Business Operations

Automate creating SOPs into repeatable processes. Keeni transforms your procedures, checklist, or other documents into templates. Make the procedure templates actionable by adding checkboxes, dropdowns and, other interactive elements. Then simply run them in your operations.

Modernize business operations by making SOP actionable
Procedure templates for SOP create consistency and accountability

Create Consistency and Accountability

The only way to get consistent, high-quality results is to create accountability. Easily create an SOP by uploading a document or use our powerful editor to create a new one. Keeni integrates with your daily workflow so you can retain your organization's knowledge of its standard operating procedures.

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We developed Keeni for businesses requiring SOP software to facilitate operations of rocket launches and space vehicles, where time is a premium and safety is vital. The Keeni platform combines years of lessons learned from the field, with stringent regulatory conditions and processes, to produce an intuitive software platform for managing and running operating procedures.

Streamline Workflows with SOP Software

Digitizing SOPs with modern software is the foundation for process automation. Thriving businesses are removing human error from their operations and incorporating constant process improvement into their daily routines. Keeni helps organizations transition from paper SOP, SOP in Wordsdocs and PDF files, or spreadsheets in Excel to a system-oriented approach.

Benefits of Process Management for SOP

After streamlining workflows successfully, business process management is the next logical focus area. Business process management allows you to orchestrate your standard operating procedures, captures data on running them, and helps ensure all SOP are executed in the most optimal way possible. Keeni helps you by providing robust approval for SOPs, real-time monitoring, business analytics, and APIs for enterprise system integration.

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Why SOP Management Software

Even if you have your SOP in an electronic format such as a PDF or Word document... running them as modern digital workflows will:

Reduce Human Error and Compliance Concerns

Running SOPs without management software leaves your organization vulnerable to miscommunication and human error. These issues potentially result in unnecessary safety hazards and can result in compliance concerns and expensive failures. Keeni reduces these risks. Keeni creates consistency and provides auditability of your SOPs, both of which are essential to scaling your business.

icon of online checklists managing compliance concerns

Improves Team Productivity and Quality Control

Once a checklist, operating procedure, or document is made actionable in Keeni, it can be shared with others in real-time. Gone are the days of waiting for SOP in Word or PDF document to circulate via email or on a shared cloud drive. Updates to running SOP are broadcast to other subscribed users so they can stay in-sync and take action when required. Real-time collaboration, on any device, improves team productivity and quality control.

icon of checklist app facilitating collaboration of operating procedures

Make Your SOP Actionable

Did you ever notice you can't add a clickable checkbox or dropdown menu to a Word document, Adobe PDF or Google Doc? It seems like such a basic functionality, and it's missing! This makes it difficult to the track progress and performance of your SOP. Engagement with your operating procedures is critical to the growth of your business. Keeni gives you all the functionality you need to make your SOPs actionable, auditable, and compliant.

icon of checklists and procedures actionable from Word doc, Adobe PDF, or Google Doc

Accessibility of Your SOP

For an organization to flourish, standard operating procedures cannot exist in a vacuum. You can invest all the time and energy you want into crafting carefully worded and useful SOP, but at the end of the day, they still need to accessible and actionable by the staff that use them. Keeni makes your SOP instantly accessible to team members with role-based access. It allows you to quickly disseminate updates to SOPs and corrections.

icon of checklist app providing compliance and enterprise auditability

Automation and AI to Standardize Procedures

Automate creating new and complex operating procedures into standard operating procedures. Imagine how artificial intelligence can give you superpowers to organize and control your processes. Keeni uses automation to help organizations build streamlined workflows to enhance productivity, ensure safety, and always make sure your rocket flies to space and back - one procedure at a time.

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checklist app for teams and enterprise organizations checklist app for teams and enterprise organizations illustration how checklist software works and creates results illustration how checklist software works and creates results