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Believe it or Not? Paper is still used for operating procedures on rocket launch pads! So our team at Keeni created

So what is Keeni? Keeni, pronounced "keen eye" was developed by two rocket nerds and two software geeks to help diverse teams stay in sync during critical process flows with online checklists. Built in collaboration with rocket launch and recovery controllers, field engineers, and software experts, Keeni combines lessons learned from years in the field with best practices for software dependability.

Our mission is to simplify the new and complex by enabling anybody to create and implement standard operating procedures anytime, anywhere, on any device. We love learning and sharing our knowledge as we continually iterate on Keeni to better serve you. Let us know how we can help you and your team.


Co-Founders Building the Future of Robotic Process Automation

Lucas Brown

Lucas Brown

  • Bootstrap entrepreneur
  • Product, UX, G2M expert
  • Co-founder and leader of Alaska Startup Studio
  • Co-founder of TUNE, Former CEO and Chief Product Officer

Robb Kulin, PhD

Robb Kulin

  • Launch operations, launch vehicle design, and systems development expert
  • NASA Astronaut Candidate
  • Former SpaceX Launch Chief Engineer, Structures Analyst and Designer

Ben Kellie

Ben Kellie

  • Launch operations and hardware expert
  • Founder and CEO of The Launch Company
  • Former SpaceX Lead Launch Engineer

Lee Brown

Lee Brown

  • Software engineer of 21 yrs
  • GOlang and AWS expert
  • Co-founder and Coder at Alaska Startup Studio
  • Co-founder of TUNE, Former CTO and Chief Software Architect

Keeni is located in Anchorage at the heart of the tech frontier in Alaska

Visit us in Anchorage

Keeni Space @ the Boardroom AK
721 Depot Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99501

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Keeni Space
645 G. Street, Suite 100
PMB 810
Anchorage, AK 99501